Friday, March 26, 2010

La Dispute

So, yet again, I've changed my philosophy. This seems to be a frequent occurrence, yet I still feel like reviewing bands. I'm not very good at it, but the process of analysis and articulation of thoughts sets me in good stead for school related work

So screw you, I'ma non-conformist. Ya'll dig?

Now that I've permanently tarnished any self respect remaining, I shall continue.

Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair by La Dispute: I've been holding this sparkling gem back for quite a while, four months to be exact, and to be perfectly honest - it's easily one of the best damn albums I've ever heard. La Dispute, a five-piece post-hardcore band from Grand Rapids, Michigan are truly the unsung pioneers of post-hardcore. In this endeavour, they've aimed high with a debut full length album that centres around themes of love and loss. Apparently, they've stated that Somewhere... attempts to "prompt discussion regarding the aspects of ourselves that prevent us from maintaining our happiness as people by documenting both their own experiences in the matter and the experiences of those around them". I honestly couldn't pick up these themes in the work, but seriously, don't let that fool you. This lyricist is one of the finest poets I've ever heard, they've managed to forge energetic tracks such as "New Storms for Older Lovers" with angular riffs and complimentary vocals offering an outpour of emotion that their post-hardcore contemporaries would cut their fringe for. Truly a fine album that you need to have.

As a side note, La Dispute had actually toured Australia six months prior to my discovery, while I was even in Sydney. I am so devastated about that. I'm actually planning a trip to the US at the end of next year during my gap year, before I head off to the wonders of University and I'm definitely going out of my way to visit these guys multiple times. It'd be worth it.

Here's a few tracks off the album performed live that truly encompass the magic that is La Dispute: - "Said the King to the River" - "New Storms for Older Lovers" - "Damaged Goods"

And this one isn't off the album, but rather an EP entitled Vancouver that is one of my all-time favourite videos in the internet. Amazing show. - "Future Wars"

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