Sunday, March 7, 2010

House Gigs

Last night was a friend's eighteenth and I went.

Shock horror.

I thought was a unique experience, since my social engagements are somewhat limited, but I did enjoy it.

A band made up of other friends played as well, Romeros. I've got to say it was fantastic for the entertainment value. They played about five songs, with Singstar microphone, and various members of the audience joining in for hearty singing in the middle of surburbia. I bet the neighbours were pissed.
I normally wouldn't enjoy this kind of thing, but I strangely did. They were at times a little bit messy, but it didn't matter - everyone was having a great time. i'm now starting to view music as something that isn't conceited; that is inclusive, all encompassing without bigotry.

...Yeah, it makes me feel all mooshy inside too.

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